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June 7, 2022 - 10 a.m. BST, 11 a.m. CEST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Join experts Catherine Kay and Julie Avery, a Trustee Member of The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), as they share their industry perspective on setting people up for success in supporting a site’s quality management system. Catherine will ask Julie questions on how you can make your jobs easier, improve efficiencies in the workplace and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

There will be the opportunity to ask your questions. Book to attend the complimentary expert corner live on June 7th. Alternately, you can register and watch on-demand.

Date & Time:

  • December 22, 2021
    9:00 AM EST


  • 789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor,
    MI 48105 USA



  • 9.00 - 9.15 AM

  • Registration.

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  • 9.15 - 10.00 AM

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  • 10.00 - 10.30 AM

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  • 11.30 - 12.30 PM

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Your Speakers

Catherine Kay - Catherine has extensive pharmaceutical operations management, technical and QA experience spanning more than 25 years, gained working for a major international pharmaceutical organisation, a start-up manufacturing company and a contract manufacturing organisation in a corporate operations role. She is passionate about continuous improvement and building effective processes and systems by understanding and looking beyond human error.


Julie Avery - Julie has more than 20 years of experience in quality and risk management systems, production and operational excellence. She brings human performance concepts and approaches to life and directly facilitates your application of learning to your organization and teams. As a quality and lean professional, Julie has implemented and integrated human performance into existing systems strategically and tactically, effectively supporting key business KPIs, including GMP education programs. She also has successful practical experience in using human performance in regulatory responses.

Catherine Kay

Executive Director and Business Lead for Global Health Sciences Training, NSF


Julie Avery

Independent Consultant, NSF